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Project Description
The Freeze Frame File System is a distributed file system. It creates a view of data in time and enables interesting temporal analysis.

Many applications perform real-time analysis on data streams. We argue that existing solutions are poorly matched to the need, and introduce our new Freeze-Frame File System. Freeze-Frame FS is able to accept streams of updates while satisfying “temporal reads” on demand. The system is fast and accurate: we keep all update history in a memory-mapped log, cache recently retrieved data for repeat reads, and use a hybrid of a real-time and a logical clock to respond to read requests in a manner that is both temporally precise and causally consistent. When RDMA hardware is available, the write and read throughput of a single client reaches 2.6G Byte/s for writes, 5G Byte/s for reads, close to the limit on the hardware used in our experiments. Even without RDMA, Freeze Frame FS substantially outperforms existing file system options for our target settings.

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